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2019 Documentary Edit & Story Lab Application Details

Application Dates: December 5th-February 14th
Dates: June 21-29, 2019
Location: Sundance Mountain Resort, UT
Size of Lab: 4 Projects (director and editor teams)
The Lab is open to feature nonfiction projects in mid-/late post-production (from assembly through rough cut). There is no restriction of genre or storytelling style, we are looking for projects with a bold, contemporary vision made by courageous storytellers. Ideal candidates are directors and editors who are eager to engage in an collaborative, exploratory environment and are receptive to feedback and experimentation. Projects too far along in the edit, for whom creative input and exploration would be detrimental to the creative process are not ideal candidates. Projects will ideally have an editor attached at the time of application and will attend the Lab as a director-editor team unless the project is being directed and edited by the director.
The Lab is an eight-day residential Retreat held in July at the Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah. Directors and editor teams attend and have access to all of their media on-site at the Lab. Over the course of eight days fellows will screen their rough cut for the group and meet regularly with Creative Advisors and staff in small groups. Creative Advisors also give presentations on the art and craft of editing and directing nonfiction features throughout the week.
Six creative advisors participate in the Lab, four editors and two directors. The Lab is rooted in a belief of the nonfiction editing is an art, not just a technical craft and that the director-editor relationship is a core tenant of non-fiction storytelling. By inviting a team of experienced Editors who articulate the nuances, challenges, and dynamic nature of this essential relationship in nonfiction storytelling the Lab fosters creative community and a unique focus on craft.
Contributing Editors
Teams are paired with a Contributing Editor. Contributing Editors are talented emerging editors invited to participate in the Lab through a competitive application process. Contributing Editors (CEs) are selected to provide technical and creative support on-site. Sundance staff pair CEs with attending projects based on the projects creative and technical needs. This role is unique to the Edit and Story Lab and reflects the DFP’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of nonfiction editors.
There is no fee to apply. Sundance Institute will also provide round trip economy travel, ground transportation to/from the airport in Salt Lake City, onsite lodging, and meals for the selected fellows (directors and editors) for the specific dates of attendance.