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2019 Stories of Change Impact Grant Application

Sundance Institute is accepting proposals by invitation only for Stories of Change Impact Grants. These grants will support the execution of impact strategies and campaigns for completed SOC projects including:
  • Supporting discrete activities within a larger impact campaign;
  • The creation of versioned or derivative works of SOC projects for impact campaigns;
  • Supporting impact consultancies or hiring an impact producer.
Your application will be assessed on its ability to articulate a coherent and well thought-out impact strategy and campaign, the viability of the impact goals,  and a plan for evaluating and assessing the outcomes.
When articulating your impact strategy and campaign, we recommend that you refer to the below links -- resources that can help you submit the strongest application:
How To Apply
To apply you will need an access code. The access code was sent to you via email along with the invitation to apply for the SOC impact grant.
Applications should describe in detail the impact goal(s), objectives and activities along with an accompanying budget and timeline. (see application for more details)
Proposals will be reviewed by Sundance Institute and the Skoll Foundation.

If you have any questions about this application, please contact:   
(This application is invite only)

  • Go to the online application portal, sign up for an account or log in with an existing one.
  • Log in and “Create a New Submission.”
  • Select “2019 Stories of Change Impact Grant Application"
  • Enter access code  
  • Get started!