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(The Documentary Core Application)

(Page limits are suggested lengths only.)

Logline (2-3 Sentences)
Provide a brief, catchy summary of your story.
Story Summary / Synopsis (Approximately 1-2 pages)
What is your story and story structure? Give an overview of your story, introducing the main characters and potential plot points. Describe the anticipated story structure and narrative trajectory, or potential character arcs for your project. Discuss your access to the story and characters.
Topic Summary (Approximately 1-2 pages)
Describe why this topic is important, timely or relevant. Things to consider and include: Why are you the best person to make a film about this? Explain the cultural or social relevance and context for the topic, and why this project is timely or urgent. Detail the topics, issues, themes, challenges, stakes, or questions that your project will cover.
Artistic Approach (Approximately  1/2 page)
How are you going to tell this story? Describe your creative vision for the finished project- its visual look and feel. Explain your intended use of cinematic language or any particular  artistic approach that informs the storytelling. If applicable, mention any creative elements and assets, interactive elements, new technologies or non-traditional mediums that you intend to utilize. Explain how these elements will enhance the experience and interaction between viewers and the world of the story.
Project Stage (Approximately 1 paragraph)
Explain the current status of the project. Outline the projected production timeline from the project’s current state to the anticipated completion date. Your timeline should cover both the creative and production processes and should detail major project activities, production schedules, and anticipated post production and release dates. If you have applied before, please share how your project has progressed since the last time you applied.

Key Creative Personnel (Approximately 1 paragraph/bio)
Provide brief biographies (50-150 words) for the director(s), and if attached, the producer(s), cinematographer, and/or editor. Include notable credits and/or major recognition or awards. For each, include information about relevant expertise and the individual’s role in the project. Do not send resumes, CVs or extensive filmographies. Bullet list any other advisors or consultants, if applicable.

Financial Info (1 paragraph for each)
Funding to Date
Include all sources and amounts raised to date. Clearly distinguish between potential sources of funding and secured      amounts. List the status of other sources of funding currently under consideration, whether to be applied for or pending.

Foundation A                          $X                   Secured
Private Investment A              $X                   Secured
Foundation B                          $X                   Applied
Broadcast License A              $X                   In Negotiation
Crowdfunding                         $X                   In Process (Campaign end date MM/DD/YY)
Comprehensive Line Item Expense Budget
Please provide a breakdown of your project's projected expenses, from development through release, in U.S. dollars, including a budget total. Provide budget notes for any areas that may be viewed as out of the ordinary or require further explanation. Combine the budget and written proposal into ONE document.
Visual Sample
Please provide links and passwords for both samples in your written proposal. Links and passwords should be valid until AT LEAST December 2018.
Director's Prior Work (1 paragraph) (required)
The director’s previous work (any length or genre) is required. If a prior directing sample is not available, you may submit a film you have shot or edited. Alternatively, previous work from a key creative on the team will also be accepted.

Describe the sample you have submitted, including its narrative, aesthetic, or communication intentions. Discuss the relevance of the work to the current project, if any. If the current project is a departure from the prior work, how will this film differ?
Current Sample/Rough Cut (1 paragraph) (required)
You are required to submit a visual sample up to a 20 minutes in length. Edited sequences, trailers, research footage, unedited footage, and/or a combination thereof will be accepted.

Provide necessary background and/or context for the work-in-progress. What should reviewers be looking for? Explain what is present or absent in the sample, and how it will differ as a finished film. How is it representative of the intended story, style, subject, or other aspect of the project?
Director's Prior Work: LINK AND PASSWORD
Current Sample/Rough Cut: LINK AND PASSWORD

Contact Information
Please provide complete contact information including a valid email address, telephone number and mailing address (in the country’s format). Information should be valid until AT LEAST December 2018.

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTION: Artist Statement (Approximately 1 page)
What drives you to tell this story? How and why did you originate/become attached to this project? What is your vision for this film?